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On-Site Training

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On-Site Training


“If there is a phone on anyone’s desk, they should be trained to use it.” —Nancy Friedman, the Phone Doctor.

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You know your phone etiquette needs some tough love and elbow grease, so let us come to you with 6 hours of on-site, in-person instruction. We’ll roll up our sleeves with you and get to work making your business the best it can be.

  • A 6-hour training program presented by our Training Facilitator, Nicole Wiedeman

  • A detailed review of 5 mystery calls made to your business

  • Recordings of the mystery calls made to your business

  • A Dead Ringer Analysis Report for each call made to your business

  • A detailed website analysis with an eye for marketing and regulatory issues

  • A detailed analysis of one primary competitor, which you can specify