The Batesville + Dead Ringers Partnership

Batesville and Dead Ringers have partnered to bring data-driven mystery phone shopping to your funeral home or cemetery business. This special arrangement is available only to specific Batesville customers—like YOU!

WHAT WE DO: Dead Ringers is the only non-opinion-based call analysis option for deathcare businesses. We call your businesses (and your competitor's business if you’d like) and then analyze the call by breaking it into 10 categories, including first engagement; lead generation; FTC compliance; website; and even social media. We shop it all so you have a complete—objective—picture. We then generate a report that illustrates the areas where your business is doing well, and the areas where your business needs to improve.

WHAT YOU GET:  You receive a recording of every call made to your business, a 16-page Dead Ringers Analysis Report for every call, and a 1-page Summary Report for each location we call.

Our expected turnaround time is 3-6 weeks, depending on the number of calls you purchase. As soon as you complete your purchase, our Dead Ringers Call Coordinator will be in touch with you to verify your order information.

Batesville Per Call Package

The Batesville Per Call Package has no call minimum and enables you to purchase as many calls as you need for as many locations as you want. This is our most flexible option. Order 5 or more calls and you will be scheduled for an additional checkup call about 6 months later! Only available to current Batesville customers. 

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Batesville Enterprise Package

The Batesville Enterprise Package includes 10 mystery phone calls made to any of your business locations. It also includes:

  • Recordings of all calls made to each of your locations

  • A 16-page Dead Ringers Analysis Report for each call

  • A 1-page Summary Report for each location

We recommend 3-5 calls per location.

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Batesville 6-Hour Training

Special pricing for Batesville customers only saves you $500 off the regular price for our on-site training!

On-Site Training provides you with the confidence that all your staff have received the same training. It sets the standard—for everyone—creating consistency, improving service for your families and smoothing internal business practices. 

*Prices do not include travel, hotel and dining expenses.

This on-site training program brings Dead Ringers directly to you. With 6 hours of in-person instruction, it's a great way to bring your staff together. This includes:

  • A program on telephone etiquette—targeted to the new telephone shopper

  • A detailed review of 3 mystery shopper calls

  • A copy of the recorded conversations from your mystery shopped phone calls

  • A Dead Ringer Analysis Report

  • A website review (a detailed web analysis with an eye for marketing and regulatory issues)

  • A competitor analysis (a detailed analysis of one primary competitor, which you can specify)

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