We fix first calls
for the deathcare profession. 

Dead Ringers is the first and only data-driven call analytics option for deathcare businesses. Period.

Only 1% of deathcare professionals leave a great impression on their callers.

Spell that out. ONE PERCENT. If you're not in the 1%, you've got some work to do. We can help.

What makes us so unique? Maybe it's our one-of-a-kind Analysis Report that compares your scores in ten different categories to national averages. Maybe it's our 95%+ confidence level (based on the total number of funeral homes in the US as reported by NFDA and our sample size used in these calculations). Maybe it's because we have big names behind us, like American Thanatologist Cole Imperi, CT and deathcare attorney Poul Lemasters, Esq. Or maybe it's just our stunning good looks.

Each of our products come with mystery calls made by trained Dead Ringers agents. We analyze each call across 10 categories and compare your scores to national averages. We then provide your recording of the conversation and a detailed Analysis Report that is 100% bias-free, objective facts you never knew about your business.

We specialize in analyzing first calls for the deathcare profession:
funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories, suppliers and pet-related businesses.

Call Analysis
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Only 5% of deathcare professionals offer to mail or email followup information to a caller. How do you compare?

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Monthly Maintenance
from 799.00

Less than 1 in 5 deathcare professionals ask for the name of the caller. No matter how many businesses we call, this number has always remained the same. Are you on the right side of that statistic?

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On-Site Training

“If there is a phone on anyone’s desk, they should be trained to use it.” —Nancy Friedman, the Phone Doctor.

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*Prices do not include travel expenses.


Mystery shopping for the deathcare profession.

Are you compliant? Is your staff handling calls appropriately? 


Dead Ringers is all about making your business, better. We focus on the two places your families turn to first: the phone and your website. 

Founded in 2015 by two deathcare professionals, Dead Ringers offers mystery phone shopping and mystery web shopping for the deathcare profession. 



Poul is a practicing attorney, a funeral director and an embalmer. He's a well-known speaker in the deathcare profession, teaching faculty for ICCFA and truly knows the business from the ground up.

He is the owner of Lemasters, a deathcare-specialized consulting practice. 



Cole is a creative director, dual-certified Thanatologist and certified crematory operator. She is teaching faculty for ICCFA's cremation arranger program and a regular speaker on death, dying, grief, loss and bereavement. 

Cole is creative director at Doth, a deathcare-specialized design and strategy agency.



Nicole has served the profession for 26 years. Her expertise lies in preneed insurance sales and stellar customer service. She has conducted sales training to hundreds of licensed insurance agents and funeral directors over the years. Years of strategic business consulting and skilled facilitation to the profession gives her a unique perspective of the issues death care faces and what makes it great. These skills will be well utilized as she conducts the on-site training sessions for Dead Ringers.




We're located in Cincinnati, Ohio.



Give us a call with any questions: 844–767–1313



PO Box 42831
Cincinnati, OH 45242



M-F 8am–8pm

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What number do you call from?
We own several USA and Canada phone numbers. Our call system allows us to make outgoing calls using any of these numbers, but does not allow incoming calls. This prevents your staff from calling us back and ensures we don't leave a trace!

Who calls?
Our Dead Ringers are fully trained and have a background in deathcare. 

What time do you call?
We call between the hours of 8am and 8pm, generally. You can specify a specific time at checkout.

I have questions, can I call you?
Yes! Give us a call at 844–767-1313 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.